“You can tell that the film was made with so much heart! What are you doing next?!”
Mohit Rajhans, Film Critic


“It was awesome!!! Gotta find a way to get this film out there.”
Moe Jiwan, Board Chair of Reelworld Film Festival and Event Producer


“Your film was absolutely marvelous.”
Rupom Rahman, Photographer


“Dowry gently and cleverly exposes the greed and amoral aspects of the dowry system that has followed many of the South Asian diaspora.”
Shastri Hamid Crooks, student

Dowry Poster

“It was a really great film!”
Deepak Barua, Hindustan Times


“Wow! Brava.”
Joe Solway, CBC Metro Morning


“Great job on Dowry! After seeing and really enjoying it last night, I would love to work with you someday!”
Vijay Mehta, Actor


“Dowry was a foray into the darker side of unfortunate cultural ‘norms’. It was a wonderful film that took many twists and turns. Great film!”
Jaspal Johal Erskine, Senior Program Manager at Telus and Coordinator at International Film Festival of South Asia



Mausam, from an underprivileged South Asian family, is finally getting married. Hers, is the only anticipated wedding as her sister, Gia is wheelchair-bound. They only need to arrange for one dowry. But Gia also falls in-love and demands a dowry for her own marriage. A family feud erupts between the sisters. Gia’s only teetering support is her mother. The wedding must go on and Mausam pays the price for a dowry that’s simply not enough.

Selected as an Emerging 20 of 2012 by the Reelworld Film Festival

“Jag Parmar tackles the subject of ‘Dowry’ head on. This eye-opening film delivers a bold yet compassionate portrayal of the issue and presents it in a very Canadian context.”
Syerah Virani, Editor-in-Chief & CEO,

“Dowry is a bright, charming and enthusiastic debut film that shows who Jag Parmar is all about.”
Fernando Fernandez, FernTV

“Just when one issue gets resolved, you think it’s the end, but no…it unveils more and more… keep an eye out for screening dates at upcoming film festivals.”
Tushar Unadkat, Founder and Executive Director of Nouveau iDEA
(New International Dimension in Entertaiment & Arts)